The Linden Marauder

A few days ago (RL is sort of keeping me busy) I received an email from LL, announcing a new gift for Premium Accounts, a : Marauder. I had no clue what a ‘Marauder’ is, but some googling lead me to believe it had to do with pirate ships or some sort. Well that or an armored army vehicle used in South Africa.

Anyway, I hopped over to my favourite Premium Sandbox, where there is a vendor with the Premium Gifts and collected my Linden Marauder, all excited and stuff..I am easily pleased as you know by now, right?

The Linden Marauder was packed in a bottle! How cool! So, that made my day already..the package!

Linden Marauder - I

I opened it and then I rezzed the Marauder.

Linden Marauder - II

It is a Pirate ship that hangs under a balloon and it has some side wings. Kind of steam-punkish, I guess. Looks nice, huge – but nice – and you can actually fly this airship around. LL does suggest an airfield, but I am thinking maybe the Blake Sea would be more fun, seeing the size of this thing. Also, it is well over 500 LI!
I have not tried flying it around, we all know it is better that I do not operate vehicles in SL, but I did enjoy making some pictures of it. Oh..okay, maybe I will go the Blake Sea later and try it out.
The sheer size of the ship isn’t really bothering me, but I am some sort of disappointed about the proportions. Caity is by no means a tiny or an extremely petite avatar, she is quite average, but …look at her at the wheel?

Linden Marauder - III

All in a all a nice gift, for pics or using it, I like it and it has given me some hours of entertainment already!

Now I need to go find me a big, strong, rugged, handsome, tanned…(okay, sorry I got carried away), a  Skipper, one who can actually look over the wheel while navigating, I will then just pour another wine and enjoy the view!

Linden Marauder - IV


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  1. I saw that and almost went to get it, but Cao’s and skies? um no. No mixy no mixy!

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