Le Botanique

Last week I received a kind invitation from Liara ‘Kemicq’ Okiddo, to come visit her latest project Le Botanique, as she describes :

‘ A rainy day, a moment of Zen, a botanical garden..
Something different and immersive..’
Le Botanique - I

It certainly is a rainy day, in Le Botanique, and very Zen. A lovely, quiet place to sit and enjoy the magnificent landscaping and decorations, of which 75 % has textures using the materials enabled option, making it look breath taking when in a darker windlight setting!

Le Botanique - II

Le Botanique - III

I have tried to capture the atmosphere in pictures, but this is typically one of those place you really need to go visit and see for yourself!

Le Botanique - IV

Liara has made picture throughout the building of Le Botanique, and uploaded them in a set on Flickr.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I love these Caity <3

    1. Thankies Cao! It is such a gorgeous place, you should go see it!

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