This morning I visited a new installation on LEA: Control+Shift+R, by Wyzard Gynoid. It a massive ‘wire frame grid’ which you can explore via some elevators or just walk around. It is surely impressive, and just asks for taking arty pics using all kind of light and shadows! A wonderful work of art, perfect for my Sunday morning!

The pictures in this blogpost are all the so called ‘raw uploads’ (as described in Fridays blogpost) as I put them directly from my viewer to Flickr, using some of the filters to play with, so no saving to harddisk and no photoshop!
Control+Shift+R by Wizard Gynoid
Control+Shift+R - by Wyzard Gynoid
Control+Shift+R by Wizard Gynoid

Control+Shif+R by Wyzard Gynoid


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  1. owldragonash says:

    This art instalation looks very cool and your raw uploads are great. You have inspired me to try playing with those : )

    1. Thanks Owl, glad you like it! And…have fun experimenting with the filters too! :)

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