Saturday morning. Coffee. Honey-loops. Peaches. Coffee.

And: exploring!

I went to visit Rowne. Rowne is a fashion brand for female clothing, a bit business-like style, founded by Fashionboi Landar and Justice Topaz. You can find some more information and pictures/links  to their brand on their own website: (autoplaying music alert!). However, I didn’t go there for the fashion, but after I had seen some images on flickr of the Rowne sim I wanted to check it out.
Rowne - I

It is a  typical ‘less is more’  location of beach and sea, not tropical, with a lighthouse and a path through grassy dunes. The offsim mountainranges give a lovely view and I must say it is a lovely spot to find some solitude and peace after a hectic week, not too big, not crowded and: photogenic!  The kind of place that makes inworld shopping worthwhile!
Rowne - II
Rowne - III


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