Seven - III

Caitlin Tobias, exploring, taking pictures and ruining homes, gardens and outfits since 4 August 2007.

Seven. Years. And still not able to line up objects properly for a picture.

Seven - I

Happy Rezzday to me.

Seven - II


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Auryn Beorn says:

    Happy rezday! And let’s wish for more to come :-)

  2. Einen scheeeehnen Rezzeldaag! :-)

  3. owldragonash says:

    Hoot! Happy rezz day I hope its a lot of fun!

  4. Charlie Namiboo says:

    Happy Rezday, Caity!! We should celebrate it with a funny Wine O’Clock pic! :)

  5. Dymoon says:

    Happy rez day Cait = share smiles!

  6. Wurfi says:

    Happy Rez Day, Cait! :)

  7. Inara Pey says:

    Happy rez day!

  8. Happy rezz day! Seven is a lucky number so wishing you a magical year! ♥

  9. Thanks all!! I celebrated it by going offline for a week :P.

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