Terraform Me

No. You cannot terraform me…..:P

Terraform Me is the name of a LL-owned region, next to Linden Estate Services 4, and both sims are amazingly terraformed. A wonderful example of artsy fartsy landscaping, which makes it perfect  places for unreal photoshoots if you take the time to fiddle with windlights and shadows :).
When you check them on the wordmap, you will see what I mean:

WorldMap terraform me

When on the ground, you wont see much, the trick is to crank up your graphics (oh yeah, let the machines moan!) and increase your draw distance to at least 500 meter and then zoom out!

I took some pictures, on both sims,  this morning, and yet again I did not photoshop any of them but directly uploaded them to Flickr (I still find that fun!).
(The only processed/photoshopped image is the banner-image which shows on the frontpage of my blog)
Terraform  Me
Terraform Me
Starry Mountains, side view

Starry Mountains


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