AFK and back!

The past week I have not been online, at all. I needed some days without Second Life, no Facebook, no twitter….nothing. It was lovely and much needed, as happens every now and then!

I enjoyed the summer weather, been out on my bicycle and on the last day of my internet-break I bought myself a brand-new, kick ass, laptop! Nope, not for gaming or SL – but for professional use (although I suspect it is better than my PC, I am being strong and determined and will not play on it!…for now…:p).

Yesterday I logged back in and did the last bits and pieces of decorating my new sky-home. Not that it will ever be finished, but I think I have it pretty much how I like it.

The unpacking continues II

Of course, accidents happened – last weekend – when I instead of rezzing a mirror in the bathroom dropped a texture on the floor…ruining my pretty bathroom completely…..
I could cry. It is not the first time I did something like that, but gah…the annoyance and frustration!

Why I am tired and crying...I dropped a picture on my beautiful bathroom floor. I give up.

An IM to Barnesworth Anubis, the creator of my new skyhome, solved the issue very quickly, without questioning he sent me a new texture and to my relief I was able to fix it! Wonderful customer service!

Dried my tears....such great and quick customer service...<3

Today I am having a slow day, looking for some places to explore and blog about! Anyway, I am back and full of energy. No, really I am!



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