‘Et quand vient le soir’

‘Et quand vient le soir’ is the title of one of the amazing images by Becky (Canary.Beck), currently on display in an exhibition in Wanderstill Ode Gallery, which opened tonight for the public.

The title of the exhibition is “Ne me quitte pas”  (‘don’t leave me‘) one of the most beautiful and dramatic songs by Jacques Brel and all images are titled with verses from the song. It is a very personal series of portraits, and Becky never published them anywhere, till now in Ode. A notecard is offered with explanations and the lyrics from the song.

'Et quand vient le soir' - II
Becky at the opening of ‘ne me quitte pas’


I could not resist getting the ‘Et quand vient le soir’ for myself (all works are for sale) and this is now hanging on the wall in my bedroom :).

If you like art in SL, photo work, I recommend you pay this exposition a visit. It will run till 10 January and very much worth it, as my pictures in this blogpost do not really do it justice, photo’s of photo’s is not something I usually prefer, but it gives an impression!

'Et quand vient le soir' - III


And because I write in English, the song is originally in French..I decided to listen to the Dutch version, a version I have always loved very much – even in Dutch it is still the beautiful poetry as it is in French.



(note: my images in this blogpost are post-processed)





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  1. owldragonash says:

    That sounds really cool will go check it out !

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