Meauxle Bureaux

Mauxle Bureaux is a new, well couple of weeks old, region – and is the home of the Moles. The Moles are responsible in SL for the LDPW (Linden Department of Public Works) and they build and maintain for example, all Linden Roads, the Linden islands in the Blacksea and some mainland – Linden owned land and so on.

So, on 14th November Linden Lab announced a grand tour around Meauxle Bureaux on twitter and everyone was invited. Of course I was curious, but the thought of having to do a tour on a sim filled with fans….I decided to wait a bit and go there when the dust had settled, for my own peace and quiet :).

mauxle bureaux - I

The main reason I wanted to visit it, and why I recommend it, is that LL has used the complete Lumenaria build, created by Kayle Matzerath for the Fantasy Faire 2013, of course with creators permission, see my blogpost from April 2013!

mauxle bureaux - II

I have very much enjoyed Lumenaria on the faire in 2013 and going to Meauxle Bureaux was like travelling back in time! It is such a lovely sim. Now no shops but all building are homes of the Moles.

mauxle bureaux - III

You should go see it, and maybe you run into a Mole, and do not forget to (if you are on flickr) add your pics of your visit to the Meauxle Bureaux Flickr group!


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  1. owldragonash says:

    This is great i saw a few feed photo of this town and wondered about it. … Bay city residents are a bit Mole obsessed in a good way : ) The photos are beautiful. I will have to go see it! thank you : )

    1. It is lovely and cute, and I really like the fact they used this amazing Fantasy Faire build! (I did not see any Mole on my two visits….:p)

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