After seeing some amazing pictures on Flickr by various people, of intriguing statues in a place called Sense, I went to visit it this afternoon to see for myself.

I didn’t find any background information on this mysterious looking place, it has text (in Italian I think) as ground texture and statues/sculptures are placed allover, all with a kind of sad – some may find it creepy – feel.  The creator of this work is Mistero Hifeng.
Wonderful for pictures though and if you like to enjoy something else than snow and ‘ho ho ho’ ….:).

Sense - I

I took my pictures in different windlights than the region one, which I found a bit too pink, but as so often: my pics do not do the works justice, they are way better in the real pixel!

Sense - II
Sense - III



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  1. owldragonash says:

    wild installation … I’ll have to find time to go see. Thank you for getting away from holiday and snow!

  2. Inara Pey says:

    The pieces are by Mistero Hifeng, a very evocative RL / SL artist. You can find his works here: – both on the ground and up in his store. Well worth a visit.

    I covered his work back in October, after coming across a number of his pieces in several regions I’d visited in the month.

    1. Thanks for the additional information on the artist, Inara! I will sure go visit the link you gave! I have added the artists name and link to his facebook to my blogpost, when I got pointed out to him yesterday :).

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