Where do you keep the sugar?

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The other week my sister was visiting me for a day, working together on a nice project and as it happens: coffee break! I made coffee and while I got back to my task she asked ‘where do you keep the sugar?’, as I forgot she has sugar in her coffee.
I sort of waved/pointed to the kitchen and said ‘oh, in the cupboard there’.

Off she went and I heard her rummaging through my stuff, only return with an empty sugar-pot I have, you know the kind of ceramic jar that has ‘SUGAR’ printed on it. She sighed and said, oh well…I will have no sugar today then.
I rolled my eyes…for a second, and said ‘noooo, not the jar! It’s in a box in the other cupboard’.
For me, completely logical. I do not use sugar, but I do have it. It just never gets in the pretty…

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