Yesterday was a dull, gray and stormy day in real life and so I spent it mostly in SL and did some old fashioned exploring! After some teleporting around, I ended up on the marketsquare of Caelestivm, a medieval land with a twist of fantasy, or as their note-card says:
‘Caelstium Isle is a recreation of a realistic medieval environment with a touch of fantasy combined with Celtic traditions and medieval living in a natural environment. Come to Caelestium for true medieval lifestyle role-playing.’

I got a warm welcome by the owner, Lord Erwin Lockhart, who told me it was recommended to explore his land by horse (you can bring your own) or just walk around, but asked to respect the privacy of the rented homes. Although not a strict rule (you can get a full version with the sim’s information, a role-play back ground story if you like that,  the house-rules at the landing-point, as well as free themed outfits!), I quickly changed into one of my fantasy-elf gears, as to blend in the environment and well..because I like to dress up!

Caelestivm - I

The first thing that caught my eye were the huge ships in the harbour, everything so detailed! The whole island is gorgeous, and one of the things you see from wherever you are is a the impressive castle on top of a hill, overseeing the land and the village.

Caelestivm - III

Caelestivm - II

To add to the ambiance the market-square is ‘populated’ with some static figures, giving it a great look and feel and I have to say I spent at least 2 hours walking around, as elf, and I actually got a bit a immersive feeling and found myself some sort of roleplaying all by myself..and that is just what this place is all about :). You do not need to participate in group roleplaying as such, you can of course, but you are free to visit and be all medieval or fantasy-like!

Caelestivm - IV
Looks like someone is way over wine o’clock….


Caelestivm - V


A great location to hang out, play or for photoshoots and as you can tell from this post: I say, go is lovely!

Caelestivm is also on Facebook and you may consider leaving a donation for a time well spent, the greeter (German shepherd dog on the market-square) is also the donation-jar :).

Caelestivm - VI


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  1. Becky says:

    That looks wonderfully charming!

    1. Hi Becky! It is!! And the owner told me he has added a library to the town, so I surely will go back to check that out :)

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