Makeahla Jungle

Get your jungle outfit, hats, mosquito-nets and binoculars…forget snow, forget rain, forget winter and go to Makeahla Jungle!
Opened to the public per today, 4 sims of amazing and gorgeous landscaped jungle with wildlife, rivers, canyons, beaches and oh..did I mention it is four sims? With wildlife?

Makeahla Jungle 1

Makeahla Jungle is owned by Makeahla and the landscaping and terraf orming is done by the talented Mz Marville. There is, to celebrate the opening and also to memorate the extinction of the white Rhino, a photo-contest with prizes which runs till 31st January (click here for more info an rules). But if you are not into pictures or contests…your really should go visit this magnificent jungle anyway!


Makeahla Jungle 2
Makeahla Jungle 3

Makeahla Jungle  4


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