A very short post today, as I am haunted by all kinds of Second Life issues and am currently waiting on the bottom of some Linden Ocean for my inventory to be fetched, half dressed and with alphalayers missing and others that will not come off. It happens.

Coincidentally Strawberry’s Monday Meme, while I am loading and rezzing I did a round of blog-reading,  is all kinds of hilarious and called #SecondLifeProblems,  and since I am a mess…and stuck, I tried the best I could to participate, and thank goodness the special t-shirt I bought from Berry on MP (link) was one of the few things that would work!
Amazing how it took me over 2 hours to do one picture ……#SecondLifeProblems, much?

#SecondLifeProblems - A Berry Meme


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  1. LOLOL hilarious! I have actually worn two hairs in pics before cuz what else ya gonna do if it refuses to detach? LOL Thanks for participating. <3

    1. Heheh, thanks for the comment :). It would have been wonderful if I had logged in with two complete outfits, something that happens every now and then…but this was great timing as well…By now I am sorted though! Phew!

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