The randomness of a weekend

Time flies when you are having fun, so they say…..and in my case it is true. I cannot believe the weekend is over already….
One of the things I like about Second Life, is that I can be so incredible random without it being considered weird! This blog-post is kind of random too, as I just felt I wanted to document a weekend and show what I have been doing when online (while in between I had some lovely time with my family in real life as well), as this blog is also some sort of journal or diary.

So, Friday night I spent on Kittens Heaven – having a great time snowball fighting with my friends Jewell and Coober. Good times!

Snowball fight - II - Jewell attacks!

Then Saturday-night I explored the City of Harrison, and blogged about it on Sunday, a great sim!

City of Harrison - I

Sunday I went back to Caelestivm, as the owner – Lord Erwin Lockhart – told me he had finished the new library and he showed me this wonderful room!

Library Caelestivm - I - Lord Lockhart giving a me tour in the new library :)

After that I took the Dutchess out for some sailing on the Blake Sea…found a plane wreck and all….
Dangerous waters...

..and when I got home, well okay..I lost my boat on a sim-border – details, pfff –  I went to Sarawak because the last time I was there I saw a statue of a warrior on a dragon which I wanted to use for a Fantasy picture.

Hunters of Sarawak

I hope you had a great weekend too and wishing you a wonderful week!


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  1. Ah those sim crossings are the equivilent of the Bahama triangle i swear lol what fun filled weekend !

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