And then there was #ImmersiveDrax and #FlatDrax

Yesterday, while I was relaxing with my first glass of chilled wine of the week, I checked twitter and saw hilarious pictures of Draxtor Depres in all kinds of situations, wearing his OC Rift and being totally immersed.
A meme, as it goes, fast and growing, started by Loki Eliot and soon followed by many others – filling up my twitter with the most creative, funny images. Of course I could not resist in participating and placed an immersed Drax in Le Tour de France and in Amsterdam!



Becky posted a great summary of her favourites and Strawberry turned it into a Monday Meme – adding a ‘flat Drax’ to it and challenging bloggers and everyone to make a pic with Drax, flat or immersed.
Check out Becky’s post, Strawberry’s post with links for picking up a free flat Drax and ofcourse do not forget to use the special hashtags #ImmersiveDrax and #FlatDrax when you share your encounter with one of the most well known video-reporters of Second Life!

Oh I got my own Flat Drax too, of course, and abused…err…invited him to my garden for a dance. Alas, Drax was …well, immersed….
And then there was #ImmersiveDrax and #FlatDrax -  And then there was #ImmersiveDrax and #FlatDrax -



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