“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”

The quote I used as subject for this post is from Jack London, not something I was so smart to come up with! But when I read it, at first I thought: oh hell yes! And then after a while, I changed my mind and decided it does not work that way for me.
Maybe it works for others though, that is possible!

Anyway, I have lacked – still lack – some decent inspiration to blog about Second Life. I know why and what caused it and I am not worried. The past weeks have been crazy, with the family members in several hospitals, the aftercare and whatnot. I managed it all, I stayed quite calm and organised and now all has passed and life is back to normal,  the stress and worries from the weeks have bitten me in the ass. I’ve experienced this with previous crises. I am cool, I do it all and when it’s over I have a mini-melt down and feel completely drained.


That’s okay for as long as it concerns my SL blog, although it is my dearest hobby and I love it, it is not the end of the world when I get quiet for a week. Or two. I do tend to worry about my RL blogging and how hard I find it at the moment to be creative and write, but I have to because those blogs pay the bills. Ah the romantic life of a self employed ghost writer. The proverbial club I used to go after my RL inspiration was in my case: forget about SL blogging for a bit – think about the mortgage! –  and focus on RL.
Worked for me! It is now Friday night wine o’clock and I just sent in all my articles, well within deadlines and my weekend has started!
Oh look! It is wine O'clock! Cheers!

Cheers to inspiration, or just plain fun and have a great weekend!


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  1. can dearly relate!! Though I love to log into SL to explore etc, I find there are just not enough hours in the day- so busy with my own story writing ( hoping to put it all together) and photography.! but so much fun exploring galleries and art installations in SL. So pleased to see my piece hanging on your wall ! Thanks so much. (I do occasionally post on my Desert mice and dreams blog but fear it will never take off like my other!) Your blog is beautifully laid out and here’s to wine o’clock!! Cheers!

  2. PS Hope all is well again with family!

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