Dreamers – by Cica Ghost

Cica Ghost must be one of Second Life’s most productive artists, or so it seems to me.This morning I visited her latest art installation ‘Dreamers’ and as with all the works of this talented artist, I was delighted!

Dreamers is placed in a half globe, or canopied as it is called, and is a magical small world filled with dreams, dreams that are shared by the Dreamers you will find in the center of a colourful place. How ? Hah, I am not going to spoil that, it is more fun to find out by yourself!
I enjoyed experiencing some familiar ‘dreams’ though, and that is all I am going to say about the interactive part.

Dreamers - III 

Thanks to the world of Dreamers being place in a half globe, rather than works in complete one, it is possible to play with wind-lights and let the shadows help you creating a wonderful, dreamy, atmosphere

  Dreamers - II
Dreamers - I


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