Electrobit City – ‘You’ve died, and have been thrown from this reality! ‘

Those of you following me and my adventures on this blog know I am a terrible gamer. I just cannot play video games that require moving, shooting, running and escaping even if my real life would depend on it.
I do like how it all looks though and I guess that’s my problem: I love to look around and admire the graphics, the colours and everything and then before I have found the right button to push it is in most cases like the subject of this blogpost ‘You’ve died, and have been thrown from this reality!‘ .
That’s okay with me, I will stick to Candy Crush Soda and Mahjong. Also fun….ahem.

As I was exploring a bit at night I ended up in Electrobit City. A game. In 8-bit style, nintendo etcetera and it looks super cute. The game uses Experience Tools and so I tried to give it a go, curious on what would happen.

Electrobit City - I

Not much, to be honest, but then….maybe I did it all wrong? I had a good time walking around though, and the surprise teleports to a next level (the experience tools do that for you) were fun! It is a must see if you like old skool 8-bit games, and once this Electrobit City is fully working I am sure it could be a hit.

Electrobit City - III

One of the objects I accidentally ran into informed me that the region and game are still being developed and in Beta-phase meaning not everything works and there are bugs. This could also explain why I wasn’t able to play.

Playing or not, it is definitely worth a visit, if only because it looks awesome!

Electrobit City - IV


10 thoughts on “Electrobit City – ‘You’ve died, and have been thrown from this reality! ‘

    1. Ah yes, Minecraft..I have not seen/played that, so I had to be told one of the pics looked like it :) Shows my ignorance when it comes to gaming eh! But I think you will like it, although it is maybe not working yet!

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