Live and Learn in Kenya – MadPea’s Celebrity Auction

As I reblogged on 21 August, MadPea Productions is organising their annual SL Celebrity Auction on 25-27 September to raise funds for a new classroom for a school in Kenya.
It is getting closer and more exciting by the day, and the auction is next week!

I am participating, for the first time in my SL, in the auction and have come up with something to offer – hopefully I will get some bids! What will I offer? Am not telling…. yet, hehe…!


Official poster courtesy of MadPea Productions

Lots of people are participating and up for the auction (see the updated list here) and I read on Facebook today that even some Lindens are auctioned!! Now how cool is that!
I particularly love this video, made for MadPea by Ken Branda – the project manager of Live and Learn in Kenya, in which he shows the actual school this auction is for. If you had any doubts about the charity, this video will take it away:).
(The video is uploaded on flickr and somehow I cannot embed it in my blog, but just click this link to watch!)

Editted 20 september, the video is now on YouTube too!

The cover image for this post I took at the MadPea Unia sim.


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