Garden of Eden

Tonight I spent quite some time in a lovely – new to me – place called: Garden of Eden. According to the information this gorgeous place is inspired and built after the paintings of Thomas Cole ‘The Voyage of life’ and ‘The Expulsion of The Garden of Eden’ and once you have seen those paintings it is obvious and well done! You do not need to know those painting, nor the story of the ‘Tree of Life’ or the ‘Tree of Good and Evil’ to enjoy this lush and wonderful place, so do not let the Biblical background story of this place keep you from visiting!

Thomas Cole - The Voyage of Life Childhood, 1842 (National Gallery of Art)
Thomas Cole – The Voyage of Life Childhood, 1842 (National Gallery of Art)

It is superb for taking wandering about and taking pictures, just let it all sink in while you watch the wildlife or enjoy the waterfalls and the Aurora Borealis!
Garden of Eden - II

On the landing point you will find information about a photo-contest that is running till 23 September, so if you are into taking pics and enjoy contests, this is a really nice one!

Garden of Eden - III
Garden of Eden - I


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