Failure to thrive – The Gray Child

This afternoon I have explored and enjoyed a new installation on LEA15 by Storm Septimus, called: ‘Failure to Thrive – The Gray Child‘.

A wonderful, magical, place in a globe/sphere, filled with scenes and objects on water. Since it is built in a globe the artist strongly advises to use windlight ‘Places Las Legunas’ and water setting ‘Tor Placida Brite’ as this will enhance the view and colours used. So I did, while I usually tend to play around with windlights, this time I followed the artist’s suggestion.

The Gray Child - II

The installation will be open till 31 december and it is certainly worth a visit, maybe even more than once – to enjoy the ambiance and discover all the subtle details.

The Gray Child - I

If you are into SL photography and on Flickr, do not forget to add your images to the special Flickr-group!
The Gray Child - III

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