Catching up!

It has been way too long since my last blogpost – which happened to be on my RL Birthday – and stuff has happened, besides me getting a year older…..

I’ve not explored much lately, but I have been online. Enjoying chats with friends and dancing at the MadPea SL Celebrity Auction Parties. Another reason why blogging has been a bit slow for me is the fact I have my left wrist and hand in a brace.  Due to a nasty, rather painful, case of Quervain’s Tendinitis (Oh look there is a wiki on it!) . It will pass, that is for sure, but it surely limits my fun in typing and using a keyboard. Even though it is my left hand – I am right-handed – the brace is fixating my wrist and hand in such a way that using a keyboard is extremely tiresome and eventually painful. Also I try not to take that many painkillers (I am not a fan of those and only use them when I really, really, really need them).

Needless to say, I have my priorities so I have to use my keyboard time mostly for real life work (hey, it pays the bills) and therefore reduces my SL blogging. So be it, things will get better!

Anyway, the Auction! The winning bidder turned out to be Hezekiah Jouvenet, whose SL photographs I really admire on Flickr (check em out here) and we have had brief contact and made a plan for our adventure. I am not going to spoil things, so you will have to keep checking this blog – as it will be documented in here. It will be fun, and I am already looking forward to it!

Kiana and Kess - MadPea SL Celebrity Auction
Kiana and Kess on stage

The event raised an amazing total of LS 1,6 million (see the official site here)…….how cool is that! The school in Kenya will soon be as new!

The schoolbuilding is getting there! @MadPea Celebrity Auction
The schoolbuilding, getting there!

In other news: I am so enjoying my time with Chuck. He is growing so fast and learning things every day. We go out for long walks and I am currently busy to get him more socialised: so I am taking him to shopping malls, markets, busy beaches and we go out for lunch on terraces or in cafés. Fun, fun, fun!
We go to Puppy Training too, at our local Dog School, and that is just hilarious but I always get great tips and tricks there to practice at home!

Chuck and me
Chuck and me

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