MadPea’s SL Celebrity Auction – You can bid on me!

Edit 25 september: the auction is now open, with parties and everything, come on over:  SLURL!

Tomorrow MadPea’s SL Celebrity Auction will start and runs till 27 september. It is all for the good cause: Live and Learn in Kenya, to raise funds for a school.

On MadPea’s official site you can find all details, including the list of names of people who are up for the auction. There will also be live auctions, and some Lindens have offered themselves up! I hope to get some bidders, although I am not a celebrity and not in the live auction – but my auction board will be up and here is what I have to offer:

I thought I heard something...oh well.
How about an adventurous boat trip?

I will take the winning bidder on an adventure in SL, including taking pictures and a full story – featuring the winner –  which will be published on my blog, Flickr and other Social Media. The winner can of course have a preferred topic for an adventure, but if not..don’t worry I have plenty of ideas! Now I only hope to get some bids…all proceeds go to Live and Learn in Kenya, please don’t let me go on an adventure all alone…!

Hmm...Kebab for dinner!
Or hunting for dinner, always fun!

The auction site is still closed while being prepared, but as soon as it is open I will update my blog with a Landmark!

Hope to see you there, happy bidding!




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Let me know who the lucky person is!

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