Ladies who lun….errr….drink wine!

Last night my friends and I finally got together for an evening of chatting again! Instead of going out for some exploring or sportive activity as we had done the previous time, I invited Kerena, Becky, Ylva and Kahleesi over to my humble home for some wine and snacks.

Sometimes that is all you need, right?

Tonight here will be wine!

So for the occasion I moved the kitchen-table and chairs from the ground-level house to my sky-home and had some fun redecorating my small but cosy lounge for the evening. Amazingly I could decorate with all the things I discovered in my inventory…..
Wine. Candles and some lights here and there, and of course snacks!
It was a lovely evening, Khaleesi joined in later and she wouldn’t rezz properly for me, so apologies she is missing on the photo’s,  I will make that up next time!

Ladies who drink wine - I
There is not much to blog about our evening, it was super to catch up with all of them and we had some really good girl talk, nuff said :). It’s is just to show, one doesn’t always need to go do things or hang out in a club to have fun.

Sometimes..all you need is your friends, a table and chairs and wine!

Ladies who drink wine - II


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