The Basilica at Basilique – A new interior for an old place of comfort

The other week Becky told me she had been busy re-decorating the Basilica, the Cathedral at Basilique – as its purpose of being the ‘stage’ for Paradise Lost is over and Basilica returned to being a Church again.
Well, it has always been a Church – at least for me – and I have never stopped, even during the times of Paradise Lost to use it as such.

A place of worship, a place where I found and still find comfort, peace and quiet.

'Dry all your tears..'
‘Dry all your tears’ – Basilica, last month

In Becky’s latest article on her website you will read all about her ideas and thoughts about the how and why Basilica is what it is, to her..and also to me, as she asked me to write down my experiences and feelings.

Basilica - I
Basilica, redecorated

Religious or not, the Basilica is a marvelous building and I can recommend a visit to anyone. If not looking for solitude or comfort, than at least to explore and admire all the new details and decorations Becky has put it in.

Basilica - III
Basilica redecorated

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