The Yorkshire Moors

Today I visited The Yorkshire Moors, which is the home of PinkRayne (and her mainstore Rayne Couture), which she recently has redecorated and landscaped into her real life environment: The Yorkshire Moors!

Pink has transformed her sim into a gorgeous place, and even though I have never been to the real life Yorkshire Moors, I think I get the feeling now by visiting this SL version.
Breathtaking views, quiet spots and absolutely wonderful to explore and take pictures!

The Yorkshire Moors - I

“This homestead is inspired by my rl home, my first life love: the flawed, bleak and breathtaking Yorkshire Moors, UK. The Bronte family wrote many novels about this beautiful landscape, most famously ‘Wuthering Heights’.” ~ PinkRayne

The Yorkshire Moors - II
I am sure you will want to go there, so don’t let me keep you from it, it is best to see it for yourself so: enjoy and…if you take pictures, do not forget to add them to the Yorkshire Moors Flickrgroup!
The Yorkshire Moors - IV


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