Here’s the story, of a lovely lady..

I will explain the title of this blogpost in a bit!
The other day I met Cain Maven, creator and builder of Maven Homes, at the Home and Garden Expo where I attended a discussion about bloggers and creators and how they could benefit from eachother.

Anyway, so Cain Maven was there and we had an interesting conversation and I got curious about his work – as I had to admit I had never seen his builds. The next day I went to his sim and looked at his homes and ..bam! There it was. A house, the Eco III..that I could not take my eyes off. Love at first sight. A totally different style than all my previous homes, but
Now, I am not an avid decorator in SL. I spent ages last year to decorate my home and it has been unchanged ever since. I was in doubt..should I go through all the trouble of picking up my over 1K prims…landscaping the parcel, find stuff to make a new home again?

Checking out Maven tempted now...
Eco III – pic shot at Maven Homes

After a good night sleep, I went back to Maven Homes and bought the house. The unfurnished one. I had to. And so it began…..Hours and hours of going through my inventory, finding the right items to make this my home again.

Checking out Maven Homes, this one would fit my land....<3
Eco III – pic shot at Maven Homes


Why do I love this new house so much? The design, the many large windows which allow me to play with shadows. The lack of innerwalls, so I can move around easily without bumping into walls, no stairs..and….the house is mod, so I could make the doors phantom (I cannot be arsed by clicking on doors to walk around) and I could cover the official frontdoor, which on my weird piece of land leads you into the rocks anyway.

I am still in the process of decorating but even without furniture the house is a delight. Marvelous textures, space and I love the little outdoor pool on the patio (which has some modest animations to sit).

The Maven - Eco III
Eco III – pic shot at Maven Homes

Yups. Got a new house...
And…rezzed on my land!

It will take me weeks, I know..I know…, to really make it my home, but it is relaxing and ooh, did I tell you how much I love this build?

There's a story, of a lovely lady...II
My kitchen, orange :P


There's a story, of a lovely lady...III
TV Corner


Ah yes, the blog-title! This house, I think due to the stoned walls and its general design, reminds me of that *cough*  old tv series “The Brady Bunch”..I am odd like that I know..but maybe I am not the only one and hey, I loved that show!


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  1. owldragonash says:

    Stunning House! Iam so glad you didn’t have 3 prim baby girls and find a guy with 3 prim boys… too scary!

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