HOPE: 2016 Relay 4 Life Photography Exhibition opens tomorrow

Tomorrow, saturday 9 april at 11AM (SLT) the A Stand for Hope Photography Exhibition will be opened for the public.
The past months 21 SL Photographers have worked to make portaits/pictures or 21 caregivers/survivors, and I am honoured and proud to be one of the photographers.

The images and artworks will be revealed tomorrow, so the caregivers/survivors will get to see their portraits for the first time! I have had a chance to see all pics already, as I was asked to come see if my work was displayed as I wanted (and they were!) and I was in awe to see the amazing photos of my fellow photographers!

The Exhibition will open at 11AM, till that time the venue is closed, click here for the LM.

The official invitation:

2016 Relay 4 Life Photography Exhibition Invites You to Join Us!  

Beginning at 11:00 A.M. on April 9, 2016, we invite you to join us at the Grand Unveiling of the 2016 Relay 4 Life Photography Exhibition. Twenty-one of Second Life’s best photographers have come together to support this vision for a world without cancer. They join with Survivors and Caregivers who will share stories of their journeys.

Join us on April 9-10th as we celebrate together, remembering those lost, fighting along those still battling, and honoring those who have won their fight and heard the words “Your cancer is gone.”

Each photographer will be offering a silent auction item to be auctioned off during the exhibition, from April 9th – April 16th, 2016. There will be amazing offers of photography sessions to bid on, gorgeous limited edition artwork you will only find at the exhibit and can take home home with you as a wonderful memento.

There will also be a very special GUARANTEED admittance to Visionaire’s Fall 2016 course.

Taking part in this incredible experience are…


Tempest Rosca | Addison Summerwind | Catalina Staheli | Grazia Horwitz
Calypso Applewhyte | Wendz Tempest | Isa Messioptra | AlexAvion |
Roxi Richez | Polly Elan | Pam Astonia | mysterr resident | Lam Erin |
Roy Mildor | Cubito Smit | Annie1111 | Caitlin Tobias |  Kaelyn Alecto |
Wildstar Beaumont | WrenNoir Cerise | PinkRayne | Reya Darkstone


Lizzy Gracemount | Nevar Lobo | Doodlez Doobie | Thalia Lupindo | sedusaK |
AnnieDrogyne | Vicki Coleslaw | Alia Whitfield | Annakari Genesis |
Dian4ma Shen | aphroditestarr | LadyKay Gable | Catalysis | LouLouBreeze |
Madonna Milena | Shiran Sabra | Renee Riva | Argus Collingwood |
Vickie Maidstone | Sidonie Carlberg | Cathy10 Longoria | Ciaobella Mirabella
| DollEyes Barbosa | BellaEsmeCullen |

Also taking part in the exhibition are three very special guest artists, each donating a single portrait for the silent auctions!

Skip Staheli | Magissa Denver | Natzuka Miliandrovic

It is going to be an extraordinary sharing of words from the heart combined with beautiful art and all are welcome!


HOPE_ 2016 Relay 4  Life Photography Exhibition Invitation


  A   S T A N D   F O R   H O P E

Website: astandforhope.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AStandForHope
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/astandforhope/


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  1. Thanks so much for doing my photos, Caity.. they are lovely and so are you <3

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