Looking for some sun and beach to spend a lazy afternoon, in Mediterranean ambiance? Or do you feel like strolling around and admire the Tuscan mansions?
Noelia Island is perfect for that, and more!

Noelia - III

An Italian themed sim, with many lovely spots for photography and relaxing – or for a romantic date (dances available). If you join the group (free) you can even rezz your own props, which is always a plus!

Noelia - II
I’ve spent a couple of hours enjoying Noelia and am I sure you will love it too! If you go there and take pics, be sure to add them to the Noelia Flickr group – in which you will find many gorgeous images!
Noelia - I


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  1. Love the sprinkler header <3 Lovely place to wander in again.. great find Caity !

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