Please tell me

Grandpa, please tell me about the war?’
‘Oh no, Cato, maybe when you are a bit older’
But Grandpa, I am almost 45…surely I am old enough!’
‘No, Cato. Now let me sleep and don’t forget to fly the flag half mast tomorrow’
I will, Grandpa, I will. Sleep well and sweet dreams

Sleep well. And sweet dreams.

He didn’t wake up anymore, he was tired. It was good.

The flag will be half mast, tomorrow on the 4th of May. As it does every year. For Grandpa, for his brothers and sisters, his friends, and all those heroes who lost their lives for my, and your, freedom.





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  1. Kerena says:

    Beautiful memorial post, Cait! It is good to remember those who sacrificed so much.

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