Location in the Spotlight: [Elysion]

New blogpost in my series ‘Location in the Spotlight’!

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In my series of ‘Location in the Spotlight’ I always look for places that are blogger/photography friendly and easily accessible – in most cases this means I feature sims that are open to the general public and usually M or G rated, though sometimes I write about the occasional Adult rated place (like Binemist).

This time I have chosen to feature a gorgeous location, [Elysion], which is not only Adult rated but also a ‘members only’ place. Meaning, you need to join the [Elysion]  group, and pay a fee of 650 LS)  to enter the sim.

Why do I put such a place in the spotlight for bloggers?
Because it is a beautiful location, it is very blogger- and photographer friendly and Adult isn’t a scary rating, as you will read in the interview I had with [Elysion] owner Syn Beresford.

Old Pine Old Pine by Marshall Booth


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