While looking for some nice photogenic places, I ended up in Lauren Bentham’s Netherwood. As her notecard with rules (yes, there are some normal rules) and information says:

‘Netherwood, while a fictional name, is inspired by the picturesque English Lake District where I have lived all of my life.  I decided it was time for me to do a build based on my local surroundings which I have enjoyed on a daily basis for many years & share with others the experience and views i see every day, which i feel very grateful to have.’

Netherwood - IV

I’ve never visited the real English Lake District, so I have to believe this is a true as possible representation and I really enjoyed my visit. Netherwood is great for exploring and SL Photography, and for the latter Lauren asks this:

‘Feel free to blog anywhere in Netherwood, all i ask is you credit the location in the blog or flickr etc. thank you :) You can add your pics taken at Netherwood in the Flickr group.’

If you wish to rezz your own props, all you have to do is join the Netherwood group, for a small fee of 150LS!


Netherwood - I

Have fun exploring and taking pics, it is worth a visit!

Netherwood - III


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