The Land of Confusion

The other day I got some new hair (ORLY!) and it was ‘unisex’. No big deal, but as I was a tad bored I thought it would be fun to try this hair out on my Male. Not my alt, but my Male Caity I use when I adjust poses for men.

I went to the Vintage Fair, as it seemed a nice background for some pics. As a man, but in my Caity account. Just for posing. And this happened.

The Land of Confusion - A blogpost - III

Random Girl: Hello
Caitlin Tobias: Hello!
Random Girl: Are yu here to shop
Random Girl: u look hot
Caitlin Tobias: Thanks! I am just here to take some pics
Random Girl: so you are an alt or somethin’
Random Girl: pretendingto be a guy
Caitlin Tobias: No, I am not an alt, I am here as Caitlin – as you can see?
Random Girl: that is sick to pretend to be a guy
Random Girl: pppl get hurt by that
Caitlin Tobias: I do not pretend to be a guy, I am Caitlin and just using tis male avatar as an outfit for a picture :)
Random Girl: is really disgusting
Random Girl: why you go around like this to get girls
Caitlin Tobias:  What? No. This is just an avatar, as an outfit, I am not pretending anything and I am not trying to get girls!
Random Girl: you are a sicko trying to lure girls as a men while you are a girl
Caitlin Tobias:  Are you confused or what? I am not luring anyone and not interested in girls, I am here to take picture and YOU started this conversation.
Random Girl: You better leave me alone you freak you are sick

The Land of Confusion - A blogpost - I
Obvious Alt is obvious….

There’s too many men
Too many people
Making too many problems
And not much love to go round
Can’t you see
This is a land of confusion.

The hair, by the way is from no.match



10 Comments Add yours

  1. Auryn Beorn says:

    How dare you, confusing that poor girl by telling her the truth of your intentions :o)

  2. owldragonash says:

    haha priceless.. you do have a hot male look
    its always amazing how folks so often just hear and see what they want to even with the blatant truth right there.

  3. Alana Onyett says:

    Very funny, and simultaneously infuriating. All I can say is there is no accounting for the level of morons in the world. A wedge of cheese got stuck in Random Girl’s outer cortex and she couldn’t, or wouldn’t dislodge it.

  4. I’m laughing. Someone told me once what a person hears/reads and what they understand is never the same thing.

  5. nalates says:

    You met a troll… or a mentally deficient person…

  6. Funny and crazy. And so very odd.

  7. Political correctness had its uses… when it was a tactic, not a way of life. Now, some folks walk around always on the verge of a sudden attack of self-righteousness. I certainly don’t think you did anything wrong, and I’m baffled at the intensity of Random Girl’s reaction.

    It’s really difficult to see what set her off, because nowhere did you do anything remotely offensive. There you are, in a male version of your avatar, minding your own, and something about that trips one of Random Girl’s wires. I doubt very much she could articulate what set her off in a coherent, logical fashion.

    Anyway, keep calm and carry on blogging!

  8. On reflection, I do see one thing, while not a legitimate complaint on Random Girl’s part, is becoming almost a secular religious issue in SL these days – the Eleventh Commandment of SL, “Thou shalt not have an alt.” It’s strange and inexplicable why we’re suddenly not supposed to have them, but the commonest explanation is that alts enable cheatin’ and lyin’ about sex in SL.

    In Douglas Adams’ priceless words: “A fetid load of dingo’s kidneys!”

    1. Hi Patricia! Yeah..I know Alts are a hot topic, but in this case..I was not an alt…so that totally confused me, because I thought: see my tag, my profile: all Caitlin! I just gave up….lol

  9. Tamara Artis says:

    LOL I can imagine that random girl thinking to herself… “omgomg that guy is sooo hot! Should I message him or what? Ohh hurry before he leaves…”
    then, after starting the chat, she noticed the name! Caitlin…. cold shower, facepalm and all that stuff. Poor girl lol, you do look hot!

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