There are nine million bicycles in Beijing..

…and almost five million views on my Flickr stream!

After seeing some posts here and there on the internet,  with lists of all kind of statistics for the year 2016, lists and numbers from favourite websites, to photos and celebrity deaths – I thought it would be fun to look at my own statistics on Flickr. Something I admit I do not do very often. Actually, I think the last time I checked was about a year ago.

I made my Flickr account in 2010 out of curiosity and to be able to submit photos to some groups for contests, but got really into uploading on a regular basis since 2012.

Anyway. To my surprise, yes really, my Flickr stream is heading to the five million views. Not there yet – at the moment of blogging this article it is : 4,788,691 views. But still.

Screenshot Flickr stats 4jan2017.PNG

I’ve posted 7,187 photos up to now, though it may show different to my followers as I have some of my images set to private viewing.
I have currently 3.047 followers, and I want to thank each one of them!
In return I follow 1.016 people, an amount I can manage comfortably on a daily basis and although I know I want to follow more, I do have my limit in what I can view.

Now, what is the top 3 of my most favourited photos? I looked that up too and here they are:


I am happy with this top 3, as those are pics I am actually quite pleased with myself!

My personal favourite didn’t make it to this top 3, it is this one (it ended up as number 19);  which due to its maturity/adult rating – erotica – cannot be embedded and shared in a blog, so you will have to either believe me or dare to click here!

And then there is the top 3 of most viewed pics. Be prepared for an insane list with insane numbers of views. Oh and…yeah, topless is popular. Sigh.


So what do I do with all these statistics?

Nothing. I will continue to do what I do, I love to take pictures and document my Second Life, so I use Flickr for that.
And I also have an economic reason: storing my many blogpics for embedding – as it is in the end cheaper to have them on Flickr rather than in the expensive media-library of WordPress.


The Top 3 in favourites:
I stand for peace
Take my hand
Smoke on the water, fire in the sky

The top 3 in views:
Topless Tuesday
Happy Topless Tuesday!
Topless Tuesday_6aug13


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  1. Caity, do you have to have a “Pro” account to learn your number of views? Just wondering – I have a science-fiction/fantasy Flickr group and admin a couple of others and was wondering where that statistic is located.

    1. Hi Patty, I am not sure but I thought all accounts (not just pro) had statistics. You will find them on your stream, either on the right side of the screen under: more. Or if you go to the top left, under : YOU, then choose : stats. For groups are no statistics, it is only for your own uploaded images.

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