Nevgilde Gaard – Small and delightful

A beautiful place in Second Life doesn’t always need to be the size of a full sim. Proof of that is Nevgilde Gaard. On 1/8th of a sim, Neaira Allegiere created a deligthful – inspired by Norwegian nature –   coastal piece of heaven – which you should definitely visit!

What can I say..other than that I really enjoyed visiting Nevgilde Gaard and have spent many hours on the beach.

Nevgilde Gaard - I - Blogpost

Nevgilde Gaard is also a great place for SL Photographers, and if you need to rez props for your photoshoot, you can! Just join the land group (Free!) and you are able to get your items out. (Remember to pick them up after you’re done, and consider donating some LS if you can, in the donationbox!)

Nevgilde Gaard - II - Blogpost

Ah, and don’t forget to submit your images to the Nevgilde Gaard Flickr group, where you will find many lovely pics from fellow SL photographers!

A penny for your thoughts...

Slurl to Nevgilde Gaard

Nevgilde Gaard - III - Blogpost


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