Kidaka Resort, our vacation in Second Life

Have you ever been on an all inclusive holiday in Second Life? I haven’t. Well until this week!

Huck surprised me with a fancy vacation to a luxury resort, the Kidaka Resort, where he booked a lodge in the wilderness for us. He only told me to pack for ‘safari’ and to take some days off of my usual Second Life activities and the rest I would see when I got there.

And wow…it was amazing. The Kidaka Resort & Eco Lodges is a stunning destination. You can stay in a tent (glamping), a traditional room in the main building/hotel, or in a modern lodge. The lodge we stayed in had its own private beach, modern furniture in the lounge and bedroom and a fully equipped bathroom. On the terrace at the beach we had loungers, chairs and a fire pit. And…zebra’s next to our vacation home!

Our Lodge

Note: once you have checked into you lodge/room/tent, the space will be private for you and no visitors can enter. I’ve seen one visitor being warned by the lodge’s security system when they tried to come in – eventually they got ejected.

For dinner we went to the main building, were you can choose to have your dinner inside the restaurant or outside on a large terrace overlooking the pool and spa area.
The menu was superb, we had quite some wine and it was a bit of a challenge to find our way back to the lodge in the dark – but we managed!

Huck loved the cheesecake

Of course we also explored and found ourselves surrounded by wildlife, some friendly…some not so much.

Run, Huck, run!

A perfect place to go and relax, forget all about what is going on in the world and enjoy nature, long walks or just chill!

One more selfie….

One animal is ‘missing’ in this region. The Cheetah. This is to emphasis the fact that the Cheetah is an endangered species. The Kidaka Resort supports the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), more about that here on their website. I think this way of creating awareness of real world issues makes this Second Life holiday resort even more attractive.

Huck and I had a great time, we really felt being on a vacation – we logged in and off in the lodge and did not teleport out during our stay, to keep that feeling of immersion. And yes, we also had auto-respond messages enabled. A wonderful surprise, thank you Huck!

Our last selfie


SLURL to The Kidaka Resort (Adult)
The Kidaka Resort website
The Kidaka Resort Flickr Group
The Cheeta Conservation Fund official websit


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  1. Owl D. says:

    Yay after all your hard work On Stomol (which I thoroughly enjoyed) you both deserve t!!

    1. Thank you Owl! Happy to hear you enjoyed the movie! :)

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