A weekend trip to the Lotus Palace Retreat

Going on vacation in Second Life is really a thing. And also a thing I recommend to everyone in need of a few days of safe traveling. And aren’t we all?

The other week Huckleberry Hax and I got invited by Ian Garrett (Beric01.resident) to stay the weekend in the new Lotus Palace Retreat.
Ian is also the owner of the gorgeous Kidaka Resort where we stayed a few times in August and September, and which I blogged about back then.

Needless to say we were thrilled to go on another Second Life vacation and checked in that same Friday night! Ian had reserved a Bhavan for us, a luxury villa at the lake for which we had to take a boat from the Palace dock and drive to it ourselves. A challenge, but …we made it!

The Lotus Palace sits in the middle of the region and is surrounded by water, on the shores you will find the Bhavans – the villas – and an old village with a marketplace.
The palace has several terraces and indoor spaces to sit and chill, a pool and a restaurant.

Because I didn’t manage to get a good picture of the Lotus Palace myself, I will include a gorgeous image I found in the Lotus Palace Flickr group, photography by Charlotte Belladonna:

Virtual vacation - Mumbai, India

On our first night we went out for dinner in the restaurant. The menu was exquisite and specially the dessert made us want to order more! Huck enjoyed his cheesecake, while I recommend the panna cotta!

Our Bhavan was amazing. The devil is in the details, right? Well…..it had all the details you could wish for. A gift for men and women in the well equipped bathroom, flowers and information brochures in the living room and a spacious bedroom with a large TV.

Detail in living room
Our Bhavan at the lake

Of course we ventured out the next day, for a visit to the old village and market for some streetfood. Luckily…no shoes, no shirt..but still service! I enjoyed my Chai tea and Huck tried the coffee.

If you are a nature lover and into some hiking in the jungle and mountains, Lotus Palace also offers that. There is plenty explore, lush forests, waterfalls and natural pools for a nice soak and relaxation after a walk!

We had a great weekend! Lotus Palace Retreat offers a lot and is a perfect (long) weekend get away, it sure feels like a real holiday.

Go treat yourself to a Second Life Vacation, you know you want to!

The Lotus Palace Retreat website
The Lotus Palace Retreat Flickr Group
SLurl to the Lotus Palace Retreat


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