Cars, Tractors and other vehicles…

On my first two days of my break I have fiddled around in Photoshop, trying to create a nice artistic version of the beloved car of my friend. A cool ‘project’ and I really enjoyed messing about with it – and was happy to send him the original for perhaps a nice print on canvas.

Weirdly enough, being with my head in a car for two days in RL….Vehicles seem to follow me in SL too! But not in a pleasant way though!

I was hanging out with Ratt and we stood chatting on the Linden Road nearby my home, when we both got distracted by some RL-stuff and did not pay attention to the screen for a couple of minutes.

On my return, Ratt was still stood in the same spot, but I was apparently run over by a vehicle of some sort, as I was up to my knees IN the road. Ahem!


A quick look around and yeah.. I spotted two of those awful vehicles that drive all by themselves on the mainland, both stuck off-road. Sigh. On was on my parcel, so I could return the ugly thing, the other kept on trying to escape – what eventually happened.

Returned to sender....

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  1. Aha! I should have known……!

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