The Hatake House and living in colours

My home, as I decorated it in July 2012...
Home, as it has been for nearly three year…


This weekend and today, I have spent most of my online time decorating my skyhome (it was still empty after a year…) and when done I decided it was time to do something about the groundlevel. I have decorated the groundlevel for the last time in July 2012 and ever since I had not touched or changed anything. Not even seasonal changes or christmas….it was, and will always be I guess, summer on my small beach!

Two days of decorating - I
My skyhome, now filled with colours!


I’ve thought long and deep on what I wanted to change, because I still like the flowergarden and the cottage is cute too, but when I saw The Hatake House, by 22769 ~ [bauwerk], at FaMeshed…I was sold. I got the house and also picked up a new set with grass, daisies and buttercups from Heart Garden (also at FaMeshed), stopped by at Uber for the .tarte.  corner sofa in PG version, the bench, rugs and curtains from Junk and home I went.

@ home - progress.... - I
New house, rezzed and all, and some new grass, rocks and flowers


Some deep breaths and lots of coffee and then I took the old cottage, furniture and some plants/trees back in my inventory. Phew.
Rezzing the new home was easy, it is a one piece and within some minutes I had it on the right spot and I could start re-arranging some parts of the garden and put furniture in the house. I used a lot of stuff I already had, like my kitchen from Dutchie and an old sofa from MudHoney, and before I knew it….I was done and it was wine o’clock!

@ Home - the wine o'clock corner!
The Wine O’Clock corner!


@ Home, lounge with moar pics!
Lounge with old and new things!


No idea how long this will stay, maybe another 3 years!

@ Home, done for now...
Yup. I like it!


Credits…I have used a lot of old, not so old and new things, if there is anything you want to know…just ask, a list of credits is really not easy!


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  1. owldragonash says:

    Wow looking great! your wine o’clock corner has wonderful light and ambiance!

    1. Thanks Owl, I think that corner is my fav spot !

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