Yes, a post on home decoration. Again!  Not because I enjoy decorating so much, quite the opposite but well….things happened. Again!

This afternoon I was happily (lol, not really) putting the last things in my skyhome – after months and months of blood, sweat and tears I finally finished it. When I wanted to make a pretty picture, to show off my stylish home (ahem), I noticed one of the windows was a bit off. I must have accidentally moved it at some point. So..I unlocked my home – oooh yes, it was locked! – and fiddled with the window to put it in the right spot.

And then, like magic, all the walls and the ceiling dissapeared….like: poof! OMG!. I tried control + Z…nothing. Found the stuff back in inventory but on re-rezzing it looked like a ruin rather than my beautiful home. All windows weird, the doors gone…..

I could cry, but I didn’t. I got into a rage. It was unfair! My home! My work! I hate this! How the *&&^^!#$ could I have been so stupid!

I rezzed another skybox (Scarlet Creative Work Live Skybox)  on top of the remains of what was left, and dragged all my furniture up. I found that very clever of myself, as I didn’t need to take it all back in inventory! Some shuffling here and there and within an afternoon….I have yet again another skyhome. But, this one is now done. Finished. Decorated. And LOCKED. Am not gonna touch it anymore. I think….
Loft - I

Loft - II

Loft - III

Loft - IV


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  1. Love it! How many prims is that bix? It’s really nice!

    1. It is a sweet home, not too big, but space enough! LI/prims just 32 and…it is only 188 LS! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Scarlet-Creative-Work-Live-Skybox/6342845

  2. owldragonash says:

    I feel you . Recently after weeks of tweaking and decorating I accidentally disappeared part of the wall of my floating island cave studio. I couldn’t get it back idk where it went lol. I loved that thing but it was prim heavy. So i got pissed and went out and treated my self to a Building i have wanted a long time… perfect excuse to re do everything weather i wanted to or not. Hugs : )

    1. Aww Owl…sorry about your floating island cave studio..and yes, the being pissed off..the RAGE! LOL. I am a happy bunny now though, the new skyhome is cosy and filled with ….well, stuffs. :)

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