When I first set foot in the unknown, to me, internet in 1994 – I soon was warned by people (on- and offline) to be extremely careful with my information when it came to real life (although we didn’t call it ‘real life’ then, I think we called it just real information), because: stalkers and creeps. And all the dangers that come with it.
I have always been careful, I have had over the years many internet-names and persona’s and rarely used my real name.

Then I discovered Second Life, in 2007, and well…that is a whole different world with again: no use of my real name and in my profile not much revealing about my personal life. I’ve kept it like that ever since, and I am not the only one.

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Those of you following me and my adventures on this blog know I am a terrible gamer. I just cannot play video games that require moving, shooting, running and escaping even if my real life would depend on it.
I do like how it all looks though and I guess that’s my problem: I love to look around and admire the graphics, the colours and everything and then before I have found the right button to push it is in most cases like the subject of this blogpost ‘You’ve died, and have been thrown from this reality!‘ .
That’s okay with me, I will stick to Candy Crush Soda and Mahjong. Also fun….ahem.

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The other week my friend Pepys wanted to cheer me up a bit and said he would take me out for the evening.
Well, that got me all excited of course, not being used to that often, so when he told me to be ready at 11AM ..I was!
All dressed up pretty and looking forward to it;  I got a new dress and shoes, and then on the night of the ‘date’ I got an IM in which he said: ‘I am going to send you stuff, just wear it for me please? ‘ Oooh…my!

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Caitlin Tobias:

Well, this was a surprise blogpost by Becky!

Last night she announced proudly that Basilique was joined by its 2000th member and as a special welcome I offered this new member my poses, as I have in store. Just to make it a bit of a festive moment and a warm welcome.
Who knew…when I visited Basilique in 2013 for the first time, and blogged about it (on my rl- birthday I just noticed!), I would stick around and made my home away from home in this lovely Italian town!

Cheers to many more years of discussions, dancing, swimming, hanging out on the town square, getting drunk in Harveys bar and the Afterbaths!

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InnocentlyWicked Resident, a 4-week old avatar who describes herself as: “young and I just want to have fun’, surely didn’t imagine she’d be winning Caitlin Tobias’s inventory of poses from her store Pose O’Clock, when she accepted our invitation as Basilique’s 2000th member.

2000 members might not sound like much in comparison to some in world groups out there. Compared to groups solely based on regions however, 2000 is a respectable number and it’s taken years to get to this point. Basilique opened December 26th, 2012 (there’s even a street named after that date, leading up to the Basilique Playhouse – see image below). Back then we had about 30 charter members (friends, mainly) who we personally invited. At first, I experimented with charging a join fee (starting at L$1000). Lowering the join fee to L$350 made no difference to sign ups. Eliminating the join fee also made no difference. The join fee was never the problem.

Via XXVI di dicembre Via XXVI…

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Every year, since 2007, the annual Hair Fair in Second Life ends with a Bandana Day. A day to remove our hair, and show support for the charity which the Hair Fair is all about: Wigs for Kids.

While I have blogged the past years about the Hair Fair, this year due to all kind of reasons I have not have the time for it. I’ve not even visited it since today!
So this year no blogpost from me featuring the awesome build (it is cool as always, this year all the shops are in giant shopping bags) but some attention for Bandana Day!

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Caitlin Tobias:

A hashtag used on various social media on Thursdays, meaning: Throwback Thursday, accompanied by a picture or a post from the past you want to feature again, or just share.
I choose for todays #TBT this blogpost from November 2014, about the closure of The Trace.

This week, or past week even,  Kylie Jaxxon’s accounts have disappeared, inworld and on Plurk – and her blog is gone too.
Assuming and fearing the worst, it is possible she did not recover as she thought and hoped.
As I do not know for sure, I will leave it at this and again thank Kylie for being so kind and friendly and also so generous to have shared her talent in decorating and sims with us.

Her last Trace is still open and can be visited.

Originally posted on Cait's World:

The Trace is, without doubt, the most featured sim on my blog. I have in the past 1, 5 year been a regular visitor of this wonderful place and was always excited when the seasons changed, as Kylie Jaxxon – the lovely owner – has such an elegant and tasteful way of decorating. Yes, I am being all fangirlie now, but I mean it.

The Trace will close tomorrow, because Kylie has to take care of herself in RL and deal with health issues. It is sad to see The Trace go, but it is of course most important for Kylie to recover and focus on herself. As she said in some plurk messages: she is will be back in Spring 2015. Well, I for one, am counting on that!

If you have not been to The Trace before, or lately, today and tomorrow (I am not sure at what…

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By accident, while browsing the Marketplace for a necklace, I hit a ‘visit this item inworld’ button and since the viewer popped up the landmark I thought I might as well go see the item inworld!

The store I was browsing on MP was Imeka and once I teleported over inworld, I ended up in their mainstore on Apple Island. What a lovely surprise! A magical forest with lingering paths to a small, cute beach. Moonbeams and glittering trees allover and some sweet details here and there.

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