The past days – I have been less active online and in-world, and enjoyed a bit of a summerbreak which I spend in  real life. Not that the weather is super, but there have been some days without rain (!) and the weatherman on tv has promised some nice sunny days at the end of the week!
Also, I am spending a lot of time with a new love in my life, a wonderful man who adores me; and I adore him!

His name is Chuck and he lives with me since this past weekend and even though this isn’t that long, I feel we will have a great, happy future together.

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Caitlin Tobias:

MadPea’s Annual Auction for Charity, if you think you have something to offer (and of course you do, we all have!), read this and join the Celebrity SL Auction!
It is for a good cause: ‘Live and Learn’ part of the Feed a Smile organisation and the proceeds go to finishing a schoolbuilding in Kenya. Well, that alone is reason enough to participate!

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“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” Nelson Mandelaschool

You may have heard of Feed-A-Smile Charity in Second Life which is supported by a lot of well-known and high profile Second Life Residents. Feed-A-Smile is part of a larger organisation called Live and Learn in Kenya and they are currently in the process of building a school in Nakuru. The first classroom and staff office were opened in January but there is a long way to go with each classroom costing around 19,000 USD to complete. More information about the programme and the credentials can be round on the Live and Learn in Kenya Website.

Last year MadPea, with the help of high-profile Second Life Residents raised 1.1 million L$ for the Feed a Smile appeal at their SL Celebrity Auction and this year we want to help complete one of those classrooms and get…

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Caitlin Tobias:

A must read for all of you who are tired of blogging!

Originally posted on SL Blogger Support:

So you have a blog, be it about fashion, locations, news or adventures or what else you write about and with such a thing comes: readers.
You know, the people who look up what you write and at your pictures and they keep coming back for more….!
In this post I will give you three simple tips on how you can get rid of those readers, and followers, and with a bit of luck you will soon be free from them, including on other social media platforms you may use – like Plurk, Facebook and Twitter.

Ahh yessss, the peace and quiet you will soon experience, it will be heaven!

followers Bring it on!

#1. Spam, spam, spam. Lather, rinse, repeat

A sure way to chase away readers and followers is to spam your blog-post like there is no tomorrow! It works perfect to start with all your in-world groups, no…

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A few weeks ago Linden Lab launched their new interactive game Paleo Quest in Second Life and today I finally got in the right mood for some old fashioned exploring and asked my friend Pepys to join me in this adventure. Because I am 1) not good in games/quests and 2) these things are always so much more fun when you do it with a friend!

Needless to say, we first spent some time to get properly outfitted for the occasion, very important!, and got all geared up for a day in the jungle, unaware of the dangers that were to come….

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It was a warm, slow, summer evening and Coobs and Caity went for a nice walk in a quiet and peaceful Vineyard, on a sim far away. They chatted and occasionally had some silent moments, enjoying the environment and letting the busy day behind them.

Coobs suddenly stopped. ‘I hear something’ he whispered  ‘be quiet!’,  while he pushed Caity behind him and drew his sword and shield.
Caity got her sword, the vicious and sharp ‘mean butterknife’ as it was called, and well..stepped away to let Coobs check out what that scary sound behind the bushes was.

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Caitlin Tobias:

Congratulations to Richard!
Please read Becky’s post for background information on this weeks set!

Originally posted on Canary Beck:

I’m delighted to award our first week’s “Scenes from Paradise Lost” Photography Contest Prize of L$ 1000 to Richard De Grataine Suoh, who submitted the image you see featured on this post. The judges, Johannes, publisher of Windlight Magazine and Caitlin Tobias (Official Photographer for Paradise Lost), and I unanimously selected Richard’s imaginative and technically powerful photograph.

“Although I appreciate all entries and choosing is never easy when it comes to the different styles, angles and interpretations, this picture stood out for me because it does not only have a wonderful play of light, shadows and colour, but I also like the small details you notice the longer you look at it. The film camera with the SL Logo on it, the way Satan seems to look away, even using his hand trying to avoid the spotlight – grumpy and all.  I love how it depicts a double meaning in that…

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