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Start of a new series on SL Blogger Support: featuring photogenic and blogger/photographer friendly locations in Secondlife!

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Per this month I will start a new, monthly, series on this website. Every month I will write an article  featuring a location which is photogenic and most of all: photographer/blogger friendly; including an interview with the owner/landscaper/decorator.
I hope this will help you in finding beautiful places where you can go for  photoshoots and of course to just enjoy!

Kicking off with Binemist (Adult),  a wonderful mix of a breathtaking (and fun!) underwater world, a watery groundlevel (perfect for pictures that need reflections) and a surprise in the sky – all to be reached via a teleport system. Binemist is owned and decorated/landscaped by the lovely Biné Rodenberger – who I asked to tell us something about her place.

Location in the Spotlight : Binemist - II

One of the things I wanted to know is, what does ‘Binemist’ mean, something I had never asked before but wondered about!
The name derived from my…

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Pet Peeves, you know them. And maybe you have them too, those little things that annoy the crap out of you and the more often you think about or encounter them, the worse they get?
I have, or had, quite a few of those  in Second Life and at some point I needed to do something about it, to prevent them from enjoying less and less of my online time.

Here is how I started acting when I ran into a Pet Peeve, I am convinced you can do it too!
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This evening I spent a lovely time in a new place (it opened 9 november) called Peace of Serenity. Landscaped by Freakshow Zsun and decorated by Strawberri Marmelade (blazin.aubret), this is a beautiful location for all of us who enjoy exploring, walking around and taking pictures.
For photo-shoots you can rezz props, once you have joined the land-group for the small fee of 200 LS. The sim is M-rated and nudity is not allowed.

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Caitlin Tobias:

Just published this article on SL Blogger Support, some tips on how to spark discussions on your blog.

Originally posted on SL Blogger Support:

The other night someone (forgive me, I forgot the name) mentioned in the inworld SL Blogger Support group chat that they missed having interactions, or rather discussions, on their blog. Some suggestions were made on how to spark discussions or threads on your blog, and it lead me to write this article, hopefully giving those who wish more comments on their posts some tips!

For starters, blogs used to be the place for discussions some years ago. The lack of good old threads and heated discussions nowadays is not so much that people don’t have an opinion anymore, on the contrary. As it went the past years, Social Media has taken over and people tend to take their discussions to Plurk, Twitter and Facebook.
Those channels are were a lot of discussions, about blog-posts, are going on. Discussions you may not see on the blog-posts itself.

Social Media is fast…

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KiLu is the name of a new destination, carefully landscaped and decorated by Kimbra Iridescent and Luis Lockjaw and an absolute must to visit. Yes, I say this a lot – but I only say it when I really mean it.

KiLu is currently in Autumn style and has so many vibrant colours, it makes you wish it was autumn forever. Or maybe that is because I personally love autumn as a season, it is my favourite of the year.
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…from anybody, you will not get disappointed’

A rather famous quote, often used after some disappointments. It is not easy to either lower expectations or have none at all. Well, that is how I feel.
I’ve tried often though. Yet, every-time I seem to have these expectations. Not big ones, but enough to leave me slightly disappointed at time and when it happens a few times in a row, it gets more than slightly.

Even in SL. Or maybe especially in SL. I’ve felt disappointed a lot lately. By people, by friends or people I thought were friends and mostly by myself for allowing it to happen. All due to my own expectations. Small things. Nothing big, but added up it gets big.

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