Studio 4D

I was thinking maybe, if I have some time later tonight, I will go to a club for some nice music and relaxing. So, I checked my chimera on dances this morning and realised they are a bit outdated…The last time I bought a dance is one year ago! Ew!

So,  off I went to shop for some new moves, as I don’t want to dance like an oldie! I found a (new for me) sim: Studio4D filled with all kind of dances, and have hopped from dance to dance for over an hour – trying them all out. Yeah, I also purchased some very nice ones!


That's a lot of dancing!


Trying out!



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  1. They have some very fun dances there and you can spend hours trying them out too. Music is fairly modern;-)

    1. hehe yeah, I spent quite some time there and have not even tried them all!

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