After a pleasant afternoon full of spars with Ratt, followed by a lovely microwave dinner and some work, I went out looking for a nice club with good music to unwind, before bedtime. And of course I wanted to try out my new dances!

So I dressed up for the occasion and found a club with trance/techno music, which was perfect for my mood! The dances were good, at least I did not move around like an old fart! As in every club this place also had some (noobishy) hostesses that spammed gestures all over the place, but luckily most of them without sound, so I minimized the chat window and did not see too much of the ‘Hooooooooo!!11’s‘  ‘tuuuuuuuunes!” and “this dj make me eargasm..” (wut?!) ..in my screen!

Hoooooooooooo Hooooooo!!!1!!

Apparently I was so lucky to enter this venue whilst they had a fundraising for Japan. All fine and well and I am sure they meant well, but the hostess kept shouting “Please donate Victims for Japan!”, which I found odd, thinking they already have enough victims over there, besides I did not have any victims with me!

All in all I enjoyed the music and that was what I came for!

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  1. WooHoooooooooo lol. But but OMG there is a bikini violation there o.O

  2. Hiya Argus,
    Yeah, the ladies (well I suppose it were ladies…) just kept on walking in front of my camera! Hahaha, they were fairly new avatars, about a week old, and seemed to have fun..but indeed, maybe the bikini’s were a bit out of place…:)

  3. Seicher Rae says:

    Well, one doesn’t want to laugh, for so many politically correct reasons but whahahahahaha on “Donate Victims…” ESL’ers, whaddyagonna do?
    (It is a joke with a friend folks, no need for alarm or harumphs.)

    1. At least the hostess was not Dutch! :p

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