Magnolioideae Palace – Anarchy Island

The magnificent Magnolioideae Palace (what’s in a name, this is not easy  to type!) on Anarchy Island is absolutely one of the most amazing palaces I have seen in Second Life!

On the landing point, in front of the huge palace, cars and motorcycles are parked – as if there is a fancy ball going on inside. It looks very classy and the vehicles are all extremely nicely detailed!

I took the time (an hour, but that is probably not enough) to wander around the palace and was overwhelmed..really! Ballrooms, luxuriously decorated dining rooms, cosy rooms with fireplaces, bars…all you need for some privacy with friends for a chat.

Around the Palace, under the dark clouds, you can take a stroll in the forest where you will find a small, spooky graveyard and wonderful spots with moonbeams!



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  1. Squashy Beeswing says:

    oh, this is awesome news. i was looking round the palace a few months back and it wasn’t furnished and very incomplete. i’m not sure i didn’t delete my LM. thanks for posting this. :-)

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