Mea Culpa

Someone left me a message last weekend (thanks!!!), telling me I had to go and see Mea Culpa. So that’s what I did last night!

Mea Culpa is an impressive store, with Haute Couture – fantasy style. The building and gardens that surround it are reason enough to pay it it a visit, but the dresses…wow!

Mea Culpa

I could not make a choice, and having no date in the near future anyway, I did not buy anything but have looked around and was impressed. I am sure I will go back there when the first occasion of a date is in sight..hehe!

Mannequin at entrance

Oh, as I wrote this blog post I crashed and could not get back in for a while, so I don’t have the SLURL available. I will add this asap, but …Mea Culpa is pretty easy to find in search in world!


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