Surfin’ Sunday

What is a better Sunday than a Sunday at a nice beach? In my new bikini, I went to Braata Beach,  the description promised this is a cool place to meet people and have a good time on the beach, dancing and surfing the Maverick Wave!

The place was disappointingly empty, which surprised me a bit. So,  I first sat on the beach, watching the  waves from a distance –  in doubt whether I should try it…..

Watching the huge wave...
Uh oh..there it comes...
IN the wave....w000t!
Whew, back to the beach!

The surfboard I used was one you can ‘rent’ for 1 LS and is available on the beach. There are also several shops, where you can buy surfboards and beachwear.  All over the place are nice, secluded, spots to sit and hangout with friends, and there is plenty of opportunity for romantic moments as well!

I think this is a great place to go to with friends, to have fun surfing, or to have a nice date with someone special. Although I enjoyed the surfing, I had hoped to meet some people, it sometimes gets a bit silly doing all these things by myself. Oh well.. was fun anyway!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. bee baroque says:

    surfing in high heels! \o/
    colour me impressed! :)

    1. LOL Bee!
      Yeah, I have to say: it was not easy, but hey…looks are important!

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