Always under construction

Caity is. And I suppose she is not the only avatar that requires a lot of maintenance!

Since I switched from Human to Android, I have not really taken the time to make her perfect (in my eyes) since I was too busy with exploring the SL8B sims and party all the time. Now the parties and events are over (the SL8B expo is still open to public till 2 july, so if you have not seen it…then you should take the opportunity and fly around!) I sat down for an hour orso and made some changes.

I am not sure if I am finished, but sofar I like the look. She is a bit less robot-ish, but still Android enough!


Hair: NDN- Violator Triax Hair Falls Black N Purple (shop is apparently gone :(..,I can’t find it anymore, this hair is about 2 or 3 years old)
Dress: +DV8+ – Almost Violent in Purple/Black
Blush: Mock Blush – Blood Orange
Lipgloss: Mock – Strawberry Jam Lipstain
Avatar shape, eyes and skin: Neurolab Inc – Android SX9 Female Metal White

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Don Mill says:

    me likes it!

  2. Violator has moved to
    but I do not see that hair there anymore. I think Deviant Kitties has something similar but they only sell that line on SLM Android-Cait is looking good!

    1. Ohhhh..ty Argus, will go look there tomorrow when I have time to get inworld!

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