Photobooth Fun at The Nylon Outfitters

Going through my many LM’s in inventory, I found one to the Nylon Outfitters. To be honest, I had no clue what that was..probably some place I visited ages ago and was worthwhile enough to save?

When I got there, curious, I remembered! It is on a great sim, Tableau, which is the home to a lot of cool shops and a wonderful environment to wander around.

Anyway, the Nylon Outfitters! A shop with a lot of ‘not your average’ stuff: clothing, hair, skins, lingerie and accessories.
In the backroom I discovered a oldfashioned photobooth. The ones we used to have in railway stations and near city hall to make quick passphoto’s or just have fun pics!

Oooh...shall I ?

This one works too! Although you have to make your own pics and save them, but still very funny and I had my hour of entertainment playing with it :). It has room for two, but according to the information it gives, you should be able to fit more ppl in!

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