The only thing I could think and say once I landed on Thinis (A) was: Wow. Just…Wow!

Thinis is a multi sim roleplay environment, upon arrival you will need to read some notecards and rules, which are pretty straight forward. For more information about this post-apocalyptic roleplay I can recommend their website:!

I put on the free ‘traveller-outfit’ as requested and since I am not into roleplaying, I also wore the “OOC Observer” tag, all provided at the landing point. All dressed up and ready to explore I tp’d to the area where it is all about!


My pictures do not do justice to this truly amazing place. I dare to say I have never seen or experienced a build like this in Second Life. Designed by Djehan Kidd, it is huge and impressive and extremely well detailed and textured!

I say: Wow. Again. And seriously, you should go there, take the effort to dress up, read the rules, and go wander around. It is worth it!

In the provided 'traveller-outfit'


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  1. Gihn says:

    WOW…is what i have to say too…
    went there… and was completely blown away by its awesomeness…
    Got some awesome snaps too !! XD

    1. Heh Gihn! Cool place eh?
      Did you see some roleplay going on there? Or were you alone like I was? LOL.
      I love the place for photo’s and will surely go back, I kept the travelleroutfit and tag!

      1. Gihn says:

        Ah…i was alone..but i did see quite some people in the mini map..but didn’t go near them..
        The traveler out fit was cool though… u i love freebies.. :D

  2. Ah the theme..well as far as I understood from their website, that is very detailed about it, it’s a matter of surviving in that desolated environment – forming gangs or being solo. Fighting is a part of it (not sure which combatsystem though) and it is possible to capture someone and make them a slave – but NOT in the Gor way, they have a nice explanation about slavery on the site that made it more ‘realistic’. It is an adult rated place, so things can get rough I suppose…:)
    When I was there, I did not encounter roleplayers, I was all alone!

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